Angela Project is a non-profit organization that finances Joy and Talent. It aims to fulfill the young and old alike with professions and projects built on their own passions.

This includes investing in education that provides them with competencies to help them achieve career fulfillment, and in companies that are committed to the Environment and Innovation as a way to serve the community.

“The richness of a country is not determined by its GDP but by the self-realization, success, and fulfillment of its citizens.”


One obtains joy and self-realization when he dedicates himself to his talents, developing careers and projects based on his own passions.

We do not want to donate in order to offer momentary relief. We donate and invest in order to build businesses that are sustained by the talent that created them and skills that make those businesses sustainable.

What we finance


Implementation of entrepreneurial and personal projects based on Talent through selective investments or donations


Educational programs that allow the most disadvantaged social groups to acquire basic linguistic or technical skills.

Environment and innovation

Environment-focused start-ups that want to change the world through passion and innovation.

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For any information related to our criteria please refer to Application & Criteria.

If you’re interested in supporting us please refer to Be an Angel.

For any other information please contact us:  info@angelaproject.info

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