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Help people to achieve happiness and fulfillment by investing in Talent-based entrepreneurship.

Reduce the
gender gap

Reduce the gender gap in entrepreneurship by promoting the presence of women in business.

Providing Education to compete

Finance education and training for under resourced individuals, enhancing their ability to compete in the job market.


Sustain companies that develop virtuous technologies and products to promote the interests of the environment and communities.

Create a
business fabric

Support local entrepreneurship efforts in the least developed communities to foster entrepreneurial culture.

Financial return for locals and investors

Encourage investors and local entrepreneurs to seek financial returns in order to establish sustainable and consistent solutions to underdevelopment.


Selective investments and donations to aid in the implementation of entrepreneurial and personal projects based on Talent. 


All applicants must articulate a long-term vision for their project. Applicants must also explain how the project aligns with their individual passions and talents. 


Individuals (or their companies in pre-seed stage) hoping to pursue a sustainable project based on their Talents.


Ecological and social impact of the project. Preferences Female ownership.

Countries in the following regions: Latin America, Asia and Pacific with Hdi <0.800.

Mediterranean countries


Educational programs that allow the most disadvantaged social groups to acquire basic linguistic or technical skills.


All applicants must articulate a long-term vision for their project and explain how this particular course or training would help them turn their passion into a career.

Applicants must demonstrate their passion for the proposed project.

Targets and Criteria

Applicants may submit projects concerning technology and the arts, including but not limited to: photography, sculpture, graphic design, coding, web-design, languages, literacy, technical skills certifications, and trainings.


Projects that aim to reduce the gender gap.

Countries with Hdi <0.800.

Mediterranean countries.


Environment-focused start-ups that want to change the world through passion and innovation.


All applicant companies must articulate a long-term vision for their project. Applicant companies must demonstrate their team’s motivation and passion for the project for which they are seeking funding.
All applicant companies must be developing technologies or projects that have a virtuous impact on the planet or local communities.


Companies in Pre-seed or Seed stage.


Companies developing sustainable technologies with the aim of positively impacting the environment.
Companies developing products or services with the objective of innovating and modernizing less-developed areas.
Companies developing innovative systems, technologies, and solutions that transform traditional ways of doing business and positively impact local communities


Female ownership to reduce the gender gap.

Countries in the following regions: Latin America, Asia and Pacific with Hdi <0.800. 

Mediterranean countries.

Professional support

In addition to financial support, we provide guidance during the growth stages of your project or company and provide you with access to professionals in your field.

Efficiency support

We provide guidance to help you efficiently organize your workflow and achieve established targets.


If you meet our goals and criteria you can apply here.
Please send us your short pitch deck. Tell us why you want to create your project and how it would impact your life and the community. If we find your vision is a match with ours, we will reach out to you regarding your application.

Please note that it can take few weeks to several months after your initial application to receive an investment or donation. If you’re interested, please send your application materials to

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